Meweus camps for companıes

We are back for the 2021 season! 

The world has learned a lot over the past 12 months. First and foremost, our way of living is fragile and can fall apart at any moment. We understand this at the Foundation and welcome you to join us in our company retreats programme. Cooperation, healthy mindsets, company attitudes, and a reprieve from the busy world of work are a taste of what we offer.  


Only have a weekend to spare?


That’s okay, we’ll tailor your experience to your needs.


We don’t believe that one fits all, so we take time and effort to ensure your weekend will be filled with relevant and bespoke programming.  

Outdoors Yoga Class
Hands Together


Whether you want to experience a full week, a day, or even a few days, we will ensure that your programme is delivered specifically for you and your co-workers.


We spend the time and effort to ensure your time with us will be worthwhile.  


The Foundation was created to initiate positive social change. That’s a vague statement, but it comes in many forms. We understand that there are a vast array of unhealthy attitudes and working practices that clog up productivity and the mental health of us all.

We offer you the chance to get away from your everyday work routines and experience something different. Although we create bespoke programmes for each group, here is some of the stuff we can offer; Team-building exercises, positive management practices, mental health workshops, outdoor adventure activities, campfire shenanigans, and most importantly, fun.


Work shouldn’t be about the 9-5, the Sunday night dread, and the resentment of your co-workers. Come join us, let’s change how we work, for the better.

Rope Ladder
Tug of War
Image by Markus Spiske


During the 2021 season, MeWeUs Camps are offering the following themes: 

·      Climate Change 

·      Animal Rights 

·      Human Rights 

·      Sustainability 

·      Conservation 


All MeWeUs Camp instructors have: 

  • First Aid and CPR training 

  • Safeguarding 

  • Behavior management 

  • Professional working standards  


Book your Team Building experience

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