Meweus camps

                              WEEKLY CAMPS

Each day is different! Our teen-based themes will change each day and ensure that campers are constantly getting fun and new growth experiences.  

Our themes include; human rights, animal rights, climate change, sustainability, and conservation. But that’s not all, we might have a few surprises up our COVID-free sleeves too. Each activity will be adapted to the needs of the group.  

Rope Course in Summer Camp
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Image by Jamie Street

                      FAMILY WEEKEND

Parents will also have the opportunity to join the camp, in our Family Weekend camps. These camps are a great chance for families to spend quality time with their children, have fun, learn, create, and inspire. 

We have designed a special programme for Family Weekend camps which allows for the whole family to enjoy it (not just the kids). We offer a weekend away from technology and stress. We will give you a chance to enjoy nature and bond with your family.

                             SPECIALTY CLUBS

Although all our camps are designed to take our campers out of their usual lives and routines and place them in an environment where they can thrive, we also have specialty camps that double down on certain topics and areas.  

These specialty clubs are for campers who are willing to go that extra step on a certain topic and give them the tools and time to hit their stride fully. These clubs are for campers who are keen to meet both like-minded people, and those who are stepping into a topic from all abilities. 

Family at Pumpkin Patch
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Image by Markus Spiske


During the 2021 season, MeWeUs Camps are offering the following themes: 

  • Sustainability

  • Climate Change

  • Human Rights

  • Animal Rights

  • Mental Health

  • Critical Thinking


All MeWeUs Camp instructors have: 

  • First Aid and CPR training 

  • Safeguarding 

  • Behavior management 

  • Professional working standards